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Crossing The Line

Holly’s debut poetry collection ‘Crossing The Line’ is a book about contrasts, told in six distinct parts. Bridging The Strait is a rage of sexuality; Mark Making is a celebration of light and dark, art and words; Hemispheric offers snapshots of bipolarism; The 180° Rule presents fractured portraits of the dissolvement and disillusionment of marriage; Border States is about crossing boundaries and division; Out of Bounds speaks of hunger for the forbidden. It was published by Bite Poetry Press and is available through their website.

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The JunkTrunk

A midgrade children’s book written by Holly Daffurn as an adaptation of a script by MeM Tekari and Graham Popkin.


‘Factories’ is the poem that secured Holly’s win at The Sting/Oooh Beehive Birmingham at The Blue Orange Theatre as part of BrumFest in July 2018. It was written for those who battle with gender dysphoria.

Holly was commissioned to create a film poem for CAGED Arts as part of The React Poetry Project (an O2 Think Big Project), and chose to record ‘For Russia With Love.’

As well as gaining international attention including a very positive response from a number of Russian LGBT groups it also featured at  ‘We’re Here’ a queer film screening and art exhibit as part of Brighton Pride 2015 and at the Trading Love Festival in Glasgow. It was also published on ‘I Am Not a Silent Poet’ a site devoted to voices that speak out against abuse.

Audience favourite ‘So Your Wife.’

Factories, For Russia With Love and So Your Wife were filmed and directed by Gerard Hughes. 

Performing with Raise The Bar at Glas-Denbury Festival.



Sketches from Both Sides of The Sky is a collection of poetry, literary snapshots and insights that explores the subject of inherited mental illness, specifically bipolar disorder/manic depression. One of the intentions of this podcast is to encourage others to use poetry as a tool to express their deep-rooted inherited tendencies. It was commissioned by Apples & Snakes.



Three of Holly’s poems; Consensual, Daily Mail Order Bride and So Your Wife were published by Sicklit Magazine in November 2015.

You can read the piece online here.


The poem ‘Artists with Dirty Fingers’ featured in Issue 3 of Under The Fable Literary Magazine in November 2015.



Still Life – by Terrapin 5 Productions

Still Life is a short film that Holly wrote as part of independent film collective, Terrapin 5 Productions.


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